A Song for Trump



WANTED: A protest song that can be sung by groups protesting the state visit of Donald Trump to the UK. A song that clearly rejects the disgusting racism and sexism that Trump so proudly proclaims. A song that reminds everyone there is an alternative and that we wont tolerate bigotry. A song that celebrates diversity and the power of people standing together to challenge injustice. It needs to be easy enough to teach to a crowd and catchy!

I want an anthem that unites everyone who opposes Trump. A song we could share with the many community choirs up and down the land. A song that trade unionists could learn in their meetings. A song that people could learn on the streets, at the protests and online. We could ask people to upload their own versions and share via social media. it would be great to get professional musicians onboard but really we want a song that EVERYONE can sing.

Now I’m not suggesting we write a song by committee! But is there anyone out there willing to give it a shot? I bet if we came up with a decent song we could share it far and wide.

There is a conference next Saturday to organise the opposition to Trump when he comes to the UK later this year. Can we come up with a song by then to propose to the conference that we make our anthem?

It could be a new arrangement of a traditional song or something brand new. Personally I’m channeling, “Do you Hear the People Sing?” from Les Mis.

Lets get the labour movement singing again. Time we found our voice!

One thought on “A Song for Trump

  1. Don’t think you can beat Labi Siffre on this subject to be honest. Don’t know how easy it is to learn but… there’s something inside so strong

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