Arrangements for Sun 8th May



Really looking forward to Sunday. Just a few reminders

1.If you haven’t come along before – don’t panic! You can listen to the audio tracks by scrolling down to the last post. We are a very friendly bunch and Gitika is an exceptionally good teacher so you will be just fine! Whether you are a parent, teacher, head, governor,grandparent or a concerned citizen you will be very welcome.

2. We are meeting at 11.00am at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Kings Cross. It is a few minutes walk from Kings Cross. We plan to finish by 3.00pm

3. Dress code is wear something green. If you have a “Stand up for education” t shirt could you bring it along or wear it. We will be distributing some new ones as well.

4. There will be no cafe open so can you bring a picnic style lunch – maybe with something to share?

5. If you have any home made placards/posters hanging around can you bring them with you for the video?

6. We will be videoing the day and I am looking for a volunteer to act as runner for the person filming. This isn’t a technical job – it is mainly rounding up people to be interviewed and maybe asking the questions. Can you leave me a comment if you can rope someone in to do this?

7. We could still do with more people. Please can you see if you can bring extras with you. In particular we could do with some more men.

8. Those of you on twitter could you tweet about this using #ThisSchool as the hashtag?

9, For those of you want a score you can download one here this school is your school – Full Score (1)

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