The audio tracks for “This School”

NUT choir Polly D

This choir is open to everyone , young or old, teacher, parent, governor or interested citizen, who wants to reclaim education.

Below are the audio tracks.

Have a listen and choose the track that best suits your voice. If you have the time please listen to it a few times in advance of coming along on Thursday 28th and /or Sunday 8th May.

This school – Soprano

This school – Alto 

This School – Tenor

This School – Bass

Here is the whole song


Here are the Lyrics for you to download and bring along. Have a look at the subtle change in each chorus

We owe Gitika a HUGE round of applause for acting so quickly to get this arranged for us. I think she has done a fantastic job and created an amazing resource that we can use to build our movement.

Practical Arrangements:

This is being organised by a few ordinary NUT members and teachers so please be patient with us if there are any glitches! The union is being fantastic and  giving us great support.

Rehearsal Thursday 28th April 4.30 – 6.30 at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Kings Cross (Nr Kings Cross Station) Gitika will teach us the song but we will also be recording some bits. There will also be someone filming for our video.NB If you are outside of London or just can’t make this – don’t worry but make sure you practise with audio tracks and have a go at learn the learning the lyrics. You can still join us on Sunday

Recording Sunday 8th May 11.00 – 3.oopm : Hamiliton House, Mabledon Place.  We are expecting about least 100 people so we will struggle to feed you all – please bring a picnic lunch as we may not have enough time to go out. Oh and bring plenty of water!

We will be looking for volunteers to be interviewed about this project for the video. I’m also looking for two people to act as volunteer runners for the video production. Any volunteers? If  you already have personalised homemade signs/placards please bring along with you for the video. Any  education campaign t shirts would also be good to bring along.

If you are on twitter please could you follow tweeps below so we can keep in touch. Please say hello and I will follow you back.

@jackieschneider (me)





We are using the hashtag #ThisSchool to promote our project

There is also a Facebook page “Singers for Education protest song needed” 

Finally, thank you to everyone. It is easy to just feel depressed at the appalling onslaught we are under but I really believe that this song could spread far and wide and actually move people to action! Am already imagining this song blasting out in meetings, rallies, picket lines and demonstrations up and down the land.




2 thoughts on “The audio tracks for “This School”

  1. I really enjoyed learning the song last night, woke up singing it this morning and got told off for humming it in science this afternoon! Thank you for having me yesterday.


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