“This School is your school”

Here is a demo track of the song we will be singing. We have had an offer from a beatbox collective to add a beatboxing layer so it will a little different but this is to give you an idea. We are hoping to add the individual audio tracks tomorrow and the lyrics so you can start to learn one of the 4 parts.

Gitika has really worked flat out to get us a great arrangement in a very short space of time. Huge thanks to Gitika and to Nick Grant for getting the lyrics together.

Below is the email that went out to London NUT members

NUT Members have written a song “This Schools is your School.”

We want to record this song for teachers, parents, governors and heads everywhere who oppose the privatisation of out schools. Please join us in our choir! You don’t need to be an experienced singer, Gitika Partington, is going to teach us the song and then direct us during the recording. We will record the choir for use on social media.

Come along straight after school Thursday 28th April to Hamilton House starting at 4:30 with tea, coffee and sandwiches and starting rehearsal at 5pm. We will then join together on Sunday 8th May at 11am to record the song. Refreshments will be provided.

This is an NUT initiative but we welcome all teachers, school staff, parents and those who want to add their voices in opposition to school academisation and privatisation. Bring friends and colleagues from your school community.

When you think about it a choir is a lot like a trade union. Together we are strong and our voices combined are more powerful than when we are alone.

Time is short. We must act now:

Leave me a message if you want to sign up to sing.

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