Going to school in the Jungle

Lambeth teacher Sara Tomlinson has helped set up a primary classroom in the school  in the refugee camp at Calais. Not only has she collected and brought over the resources she has organised over 40 London teachers to go over during halfterm to teach. Sara has single handedly sorted out logistics and made this happen by sheer willpower and determination. At this point I want to write , “we need more people like Sara” but actually I think it is more accurate to say that we need more of us to become  proactive like Sara and start to make things happen. You can follow Sara on twitter: @teachertomo and read her blog here

I’m going over today so that I can spend Wednesday teaching some songs and music games. I know that primary music lessons aren’t top of any refugees wishlist but given that families are trapped in this no mans land with no end in sight maybe it will break up the monotony?

I’m taking kazoos, ribbon wands, bubbles and some puppets. I plan to use songs from Voices Foundation 65 songs, some Sing Up favourites and playground games kids have taught me over the years.

Also hope to help out in the warehouse.

Taking along middle son who is planning to make a film about life in the camp.

The French authorities are planning to start dismantling the camp but no one knows when exactly.




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