PGCE audio clips from Friday 14th January

Terrific session on Friday. Well done to all the students. Below are some of the audio clips I was able to capture. Apologies to those groups I didn’t manage to record. I really wished that I had recorded the Samba performances. Both groups did brilliantly and the simple rhythms we used have so much potential.

The clips below are intended to be an aide memoire to help you remember what we did. Who knows, you may even want to revisit these ideas to use when you are next in class.

I had a wonderful day – both groups were an absolute pleasure to teach. Your enthusiasm and concentration meant we were able to cover a great deal of ground and the 4 hours simple whizzed away!

First up is a backing track that you can use with Che Che Kule

Next up”Wacca,wacca”

Ooh a layla is a Polynesian song that has lots of potential

Finally from the morning group – a “get well soon” message for one of their group.

The afternoon kicked off with an excellent djembe presentation

This next clip takes 4 simple rhythms and arranges them in a specific structure structure

Yodelling emotions

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