Transition from primary to secondary school

Dear year 7 teachers,

I’m guessing you don’t get much in the way of information from your feeder primary schools about the musical experiences your  new children will have had. I’m  also guessing you probably don’t want hundred of pages of tick boxes with our oh not so careful “judgements” about their supposed abilities.

I am going to be asking my yr 6 kids to fill in a very brief music passport so you can at least pick out those kids who are fortunate enough to have already begun to make music an active part of their lives.

I would really like you to get a sense of what our children have done during their music lessons in my school so I am going to email you a link to my school music blog. I’ve categorised all the year 6 work so if you click here you wont have to wade through all our music but you can just follow the year 6 thread.  Some of of you will be too busy, some of you won’t consider it relevant since your are not in a position to re write your curriculum on the basis of what feeder schools tell you. However I do this in the spirit of placing a message in the bottle and tossing it into the sea. Please let me know if it reaches you or is helpful!!!

Here is the link

This is what my year 6’s have studied this year.

I have more detailed plans but I figured a summary would be more helpful!

Screenshot 2015-05-26 13.28.41

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