It was John Finney that got me thinking. He had blogged about children developing an internal voice and he mentioned kazoo’s. Lots of music ed tweeters discussed this with much amusement on twitter.  It prompted me to order a batch. Leaving them lying around my kitchen many of our visitors have joined in impromptu concerts. People who would never join in with singing were quite happy to blast out Star Wars or the Benny Hill theme tune. Funniest of all were my eldest son’s friends who were keen to play the music that accompanies their computer games. Whilst I was scratching my head the music was attracting every young person in the area and I discovered yet more music I know absolutely nothing about.

I’m planning to use kazoo’s next week with my year 2 classes as part of our work on Carnival of the Animals. We are going to use them to play the Elephant melody.

I think they have great potential and I shall be developing some ideas for using them with the whole school. I’m going with kids giving them a quick wipe over with an anti bacterial wipe before playing as I don’t want to have to have named kazoo’s for each child. I’d love to do a whole school singing assembly with them!

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