Update on teacher letter to Telegraph

Thank you to everyone who responded to my requests on twitter and facebook for signatures yesterday. You can see the letter and sigs at the bottom of this post

I hope that it is just one of many letters that The Telegraph receive. I know that firefighters and health workers are busy collecting sigs for theirs.

So what have I learned from this experience?

1. Blogger is RUBBISH for allowing people to leave comments. I ended up spending lots of time responding to people who were unable to leave comment. I need to find a better blog platform. Apologies if you wasted time trying

2. The Daily Telegraph starts off every single letter “SIR – …” Really?! In this day and age?!!

3. There is a real appetite from the Great British Public to have their say. People who resent media dominated by voices of ‘rich & powerful’, ‘great and the good’ and the professional commentariat. Political parties and some trade unions could make much more use of this. Instead, most of them just see us as a stage army to come out and act when they want! I don’t think we should be so passive – we can speak out without needing permission!

4. Even without getting this letter promoted by a political party or by trade union official accounts it was easy to make a big noise on twitter. RTs by Zoe Williams, Owen Jones, Jack Monroe and Sunny Hundal meant this letter travelled widely quickly. My facebook friends by and large ignored my requests for sigs. My new haircut got more likes that this initiative!

5. It is always better to do something rather than nothing. The business leaders may have vast media platforms but we have numbers on our side, “We are the many, they are the few”. So many people in this world live under regimes where speaking out leads to doors being kicked in and midnight visits from secret police that it makes us look a little feeble if we don’t use our democratic rights. Moaning on twitter is NOT taking political action!


Huge apologies if I left you off the letter. I got a bit stressed about missing deadlines and lost lots of tweeted replies once I starting to get 100’s of mentions. Sorry ūüė¶ There was no one my end to help me proof read so have done my best to ensure that names are not repeated. There will be no prizes for highlighting my errors!

Thanks to everyone who helped spread this. Let’s see if we can help and support other groups of workers spread their letters.

To the Editor,

We are deeply concerned that a Conservative government will damage our educational system.  Like the business leaders who wrote to you yesterday we would like to use your pages to urge your readers to vote accordingly and we look forward to front page coverage of our issues tomorrow.

Jackie Schneider
Primary school music teacher
Hannah Phillips
Primary teacher
Paul O’Farrell
Secondary Teacher
Ian Leak
Primary Teacher
Kat Kearey 
Secondary Teacher
Rachel Allen
Secondary Teacher
Jeff Billington
Secondary Teacher
Liz Plane
Primary Teacher
Gerald Clark
Secondary Teacher
Charlie Brennan 
Secondary Teacher
Kiri Tunks
Secondary teacher
Abby King
Primary Teacher
Amanda Bentham
Teacher of the Deaf
Simon Murch
Primary Teacher
Keith Martin
University Lecturer
Jennie Harper
Primary Teacher
Sian Bloor
Primary Teacher
Dave Mingay 
Special Needs Teacher
Tony Dowling
Behaviour Support Teacher
Naomi Fearon
Primary SEN and ESBD Teacher
Liz Nolan.
Retired Science, Humanities and ED teacher.
Clare Fenwick 
ITE Lecturer
Hilary Porter
Primary Teacher
Jill Hayward
Former Local Authority Education Administrator & School Governor
Dianne Khan
Primary Teacher
John Merriman
Secondary Teacher, former School governor and business owner
Christine Hallett
University Professor
Carl Sumner
Primary teacher
Lizz Tinder
Teacher and Associate Lecturer
Paul Rigby
Recently retired FE (37 yrs service)
Carol Machell
Retired Head Teacher
Rachel Coles
DT teacher
Tait Coles
Liz Gleed
Secondary teacher
Jo Baker
Secondary teacher
Dennis Charman
Teacher, Governor, parent, grandparent
Michele Hanson
Taught for 25 years
Neil Townsend
Physics teacher
Charles Thomas 
Maths teacher
Richard Raftery
Teacher and NUT member
Marie Goodwyn
Primary Teacher (22 years)
Russell Smith 
1-1 tutor (11 years)
Gart Barker
Former full time teacher, I now do occasional supply
Sarah Walters
Early Years Professional.
Jennifer Hill
Primary Teacher
Peter Walker
University Lecturer (retired)
Simon Nash
Secondary teacher
Jolyon Agar 
University Lecturer and writer
Dave Birkenhead 
Secondary teacher
Caroline Merser 
Secondary teacher
Leigh Seedhouse
PRU teacher and musician
Sarah Rodgers
Secondary Teacher
Rick Jones, 
Primary school governor
Paul Atkin
Primary Teacher
Ben Hetchin 
Conor Tannam
English Teacher
Ukachi Akalawu
Primary Teacher
Neil Rodaway
Secondary Teacher
Mike Jones 
History teacher
Helen Jenkins
Early Years Professional
Sue Jamal
SEN Teacher
Tania Ziegler
Sixth Form College Teacher
Philip Davis
Secondary Teacher
Linda Davis
Retired Secondary Deputy Head
Jennifer Marples
Secondary teacher
Sarah Walker
Secondary teacher
Laura Emma
Primary Teacher
Chloe Sheppard
Primary teacher
Tom Linden, 
Primary school teacher
Ian Sharp
Former Sixth Form College Vice Principal
Tamsin Egan
Science teacher of 16 years, last 5 most shambolic
Rachael Milling, 
retired infant teacher
Sylvia Wheatley
Secondary teacher (retd.)
Byron Sheffield
Head of Maths 
Secondary teacher
Robbie Mitchell
30 Yrs a Teacher of Music & Performing Arts.
Karen Alnoah
Primary teacher
S Thom
Primary Teacher
Michael Guy
Primary School Teacher
David Webster
University Lecturer.
Adrian Whitwell
Secondary teacher
Jo Heathcote
Secondary Teacher
John Slough
Primary Teacher
Mohammed Wasiq
Secondary teacher
Ian Goodyer
Primary Teacher
Carmel O’Hagan
PGCE Course Tutor
Kirsty Millar-Kent
Teacher of the Visually Impaired and ex primary school teacher
Toni Clarke
Sara Tomlinson
Primary Teacher
Amy Trowell 
primary school teacher
Helen Doyle, 
Secondary teacher
Bridget Chapman, 
Supply teacher
Jenny Brooks, 
Secondary Teacher
Bryan McConnell 
Science teacher
Ed Finch, 
Primary Teacher
Tom Hodgins 
Secondary English teacher
Lynda Webb 
Director of Performing Arts Oxfordshire
Samantha Nuttall. 
Primary Teacher
Robbie Mitchell
Music and performing arts teacher
Elvett Phipps 
Upper School teacher and NUT member
Sue Baynes, 
Primary Teacher
Amy Murch
Primary Teacher 
 Lianne Onslow, FE Teacher
Helen Doyle, 
Secondary teacher
Sally Kenny
Deputy Head and PGCE tutor
Louise Best 
Education Consultant
Keith Brindle

Education Consultant

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