Help!!! Had call from Telegraph

Have had a telephone call from Telegraph. They would very much like to publish our letter IF we can add a couple of more sentences making it clearer to their readers what our concerns are.

No problem I thought as I would simply be able to email all the people who left their sigs as a comment. But turns out Blogger (unlike wordpress) doesn’t work like that and so having slightly re written letter I now need to track down the 100 plus sigs to agree.
I need your help in tracking these people down! Can you please tweet the hell out of this so that if anyone doesn’t agree with amended letter they can remove their name.  Have limited time today as it is my partners birthday so would appreciate as much help as you can give contacting people you know from this list.
Extra sentences are in bold
To the Editor,
We are deeply concerned that a Conservative government will damage our educational system. 
As teachers we have seen first hand the impact coalition education policy has had on our schools. Another 5 years of the same ill thought out policies will damage them beyond repair. Increasing and unsustainable workload is already causing teachers to leave in droves. Intensive bureaucratic tracking systems which have little impact on learning and reduce the time teachers can actually teach is further lowering  staff and pupil morale. We simply don’t have confidence that Conservative  education policy is developed from pedagogical principles but is instead guided by an ideology that sees public services as a problem.
Like the business leaders who wrote to you yesterday we would like to use your pages to urge your readers to vote accordingly and we look forward to front page coverage of our issues tomorrow.

If you didn’t originally sign but would like to could you 
A) Try to leave name as sig here
B) Tweet me @jackieschneider

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