I need 100 teacher sigs!

I awoke this morning to news reports that 100 business leaders oppose a labour government and support the Conservatives. This has been reported as news.  Why should this group of powerful rich people have more say than you or I?

What if we asked 100 surgeons, 100 firefighters, 100 hairdressers, 100 carers for their views on next government?

That’s when it occurred to me that I could probably find 100 teachers to sign a letter.

On its own it will have no impact but what if it inspired other groups to write their own letters? Wouldn’t it  at least challenge the notion that only our business leaders voices matter?

Please read letter below and leave your name as a comment if you want to sign it.

I’m not a member of any political party. I’d like to be a Labour Party member but am unable to agree with their more reactionary policies. I disagree with many of their educational policies but I know that nothing can be as bad as another Tory government with possibly UKIP support.

This may well be a waste of time but I’m sick of this general election already. I think it is about time we hear from ordinary people.

In the unlikely event I get 100 sig I will do my best to get letter sent out today.

Dear Telegraph,

We are deeply concerned that a Conservative government will damage our educational system.  Like the business leaders who wrote to you yesterday we would like to use your pages to urge your readers to vote accordingly and we look forward to front page coverage of our issues tomorrow.


148 thoughts on “I need 100 teacher sigs!

  1. Ex headteacher due to dreadful, soulless education policies which have caused our children to be unhappiest in Europe with fourfold increase in need for mental health services.


  2. Dave Humphry
    Retired Languages Teacher. Yes, Primary music matters a lot. Tristram Hunt is a hopeless hope but I live in a key marginal and will have to vote Labour. ( I used to be a party member!) Leaving education in the hands of the Tories will damage children immeasurably and devastate the teachers who care for them.


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