Music Ed Expo 2015

I was in two minds about going to Music Ed Expo but the gathering of so many great music education people under one roof settled it for me so off I toddled. Here are my top takeaways from the day.

1. There were more state school teachers here than I had expected. Good on the organisers for keeping it free for attendees.

2.  I signed up for a Dalcroze taster day next Sunday. Must learn how to pronounce Dalcroze before then.

3. Poor acoustics & lack of free wi fi were disappointing.

4. Although I was too late to attend Nick Gibbs session I was pleased my tweet got read out to him. I had asked him if a school should be able to receive an outstanding judgement if there music provision was poor. I heard through the grapevine that he gave a typical politician answer and refused to answer with a yes or no. Anyone surprised?

5. John Finney is exactly the same in real life as he is on twitter! First time I’ve met him in real life. He felt like an old friend!

6. Musical Futures team were on fine form. Really looking forward to their conference next October. Great workshop.

7. I met Katherine Zeserson and we are so going to buddy up!

8. The presence of Musicians Union and the NUT greatly cheered me. So pleased that they are working together. Had a quick skim read of their new report looking on the impact of National Plan on the workforce. Very worrying. Zero hours contracts are not the way forward.

9. Discovered Voce8 method. Impressive workshop and their youtube videos are clear, instructive and inspire confidence. Planning to give it a whirl

10. The networking was the best thing about the day. Just some of the people I enjoyed talking to : Phillip Flood, Sue Beckett, Henry Vann, Michelle James and David Price.

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