Using Andrew Huang’s music in the classroom

I have just discovered the amazing music of Andrew Huang and I plan to share it with my year 4 students. I have recently been reading about music educator John Paynter’s work (thanks to Ally Daubney, John Finney and Marin Fautley) It has made realise two things:

  • I need to get children thinking more deeply about what music is.
  • The children need to have more creative input into lessons.
I decided I would ask the children to create as many sounds as they possibly could from a newspaper. Once we have have had lots of experimentation we will start organising and classifying the sounds and then use these sounds to compose.
Having exhausted myself with the sound possibilities of today’s Guardian (which is now unreadable!) I’ve looked online to find examples of music created from paper. This is where I discovered Andrew Huang. Take a look at this video

 How cool is that?! Below is the actual song it is taken from.

 Andrew Huang is clearly an amazing musician. I can’t wait to share his videos with the children at school. I think they will inspire the kids to think more deeply about what music is and will unleash their creativity.

If you are in need of some inspiration for your classroom I would recommend look at his work!

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