Ok children, this is what you will be learning this year in music…

I want to share with children, their parents and their class teachers what they will be doing each year in music. This however can be problematic and can lead to simply a long list of songs and musical genres. I then remembered Dr Martin Faultley cautioning that the “doing” isn’t the most important aspect but the learning (sorry Martin if I have misrepresented your thoughts here)

 Anyway this is what I have come up with. I am going to post it on the school music blog and on the corridor wall outside the music room. I’ve decided not to list the different genres,songs, musical stimuli or music we will be listening to. Instead I have focused on the key objectives. I’ve made the point for each and every year group – we will be listening, composing and performing in every single year group. I have given the performance opportunities lots of thoughts and have planned in lots of different opportunities. Will blog about this later.

So, below is the text for the posters for each year group.

 In Year 1 we will: 
 find our singing voice 
 discover the pulse 
 develop our thinking voice 
 make up our own songs 
 sort sounds and suggest symbols to represent sounds 
 listen, compose and perform. 

 In Year 2 we will:
 learn how to use our voices differently
 create our own rhythmic patterns learn to read and write stick notation. 
explore simple song structures
 listen, compose and perform.

 In Year 3 we will
 develop our singing voices working on clear diction and accurate pitching 
use dynamics (like volume, texture and structure) in our music making 
learn to play a descant recorder
 read the notes “B”, “A” & “G” on western staff notation
 listen, compose and perform.

 In Year 4 we will
 work on blending our voices together and singing independent parts
 explore pentatonic scales
 analyse the structure of music and experiment with own composition
 take part in the BBC 10 pieces project.
 listen, compose and perform

 In Year 5 we will
 learn the violin as part of a “wider opportunities” project with MMF
 perform in a prestigious vocal project at the Royal Albert Hall
 use scratch to program music for computer games
 explore lyrical flowcharts. listen, compose and perform

 In Year 6 we will
 study rap, hip-hop and beatboxing
 explore ostinatos
 anyalse a Chopin extract used in the film “Magic Piano”, use the extract to create own short film
 write leaving songs
 edit our own musical portfolio to share with our secondary school.
 listen, compose and perform

In addition I am going to put up this document which is basically a statement of values. I wrote it several years ago when I first started at St Teresa’s. I was reminded of it by Ally Daubney of the ISM when she suggested that any assessment framework we came up with reflected our values.

What happens in music lessons?

Singing, music-making,listening and thinking.

Children are taught how to improve their singing, playing and composing.

They listen to a wide range of interesting, thought-provoking, good quality music from all around the world.

Children are treated fairly and with kindness.

There is a co operation, teamwork, self- discipline, concentration, experimentation reflection and celebration. 

The music making improves children’s maths, literacy, language and thinking skills.

Every child makes  progress.

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