Sound partnerships

Had a fantastically stimulating day at Roehampton University. Alastair Greig organised a wonderful conference that saw contemporary classical composers working with primary school teachers to address how we get schools and new composers working together.

My top highlights include:

1. Sonic postcards workshop with Robert Worby. I am so keen to do this with a class! I will blog properly about this as a separate post. Raised so many fundamental questions about the concepts of “sound’ ‘noise’ and ‘music’

2. The seagull project. You know when a seagull flies in, creates a flap, poo’s everywhere and then flies off? – that! Dr Faultley warned us all of this type of approach.

3. We don’t have enough words to describe sounds. The temptation is always to refer back to the source creating the sound.

4. The Sound and Music website. Click here to see

Here are some random tweets that the event generated

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